Hayley's Journey

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2007, Hayley was amazed with the results she had achieved through personal NLP sessions to help improve her everyday quality of life. In May 2010 with a keen interest in energy healing began training in Reiki, later the same year trained as an NLP practitioner and started a long term study plan into the mind, body and energy.

The same year Hayley took her passion for yoga a step further and attended teachers training by the Patanjali Yogpeeth (UK) Trust in Glasgow. The training further fuelled Hayley’s passion for yoga and in December 2013 she graduated after a year long study as Registered Seasonal Vinyassa Flow Yoga Teacher. Always developing her learning with various courses from Shiatsu massage to yoga adjustments and training with masters in their field from John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) to Anthony Robbins in London. Taking Reiki and NLP to the next level Hayley became a master practitioner of both in 2013.

“The 9 week training in Thailand was intense and as much psychological as physiological, life would never be the same again

The following year 2014 she followed her heart and went for her dream of becoming a Bikram hot yoga teacher. The 9 week training in Thailand was intense and as much psychological as physiological, life would never be the same again. On her return from Thailand, Hayley had decided after ten years working for her current company it was time to take her own company Core Connections full time at the start of 2015. Hayley’s knowledge and passion comes through in her expansive knowledge which is delivered in such a lovely, easy way that you understand it and are able to apply the teachings to your everyday life.

Official Host at Yoga Arena and International yoga event that was held at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow with an attendance of over 1500 yogis

At Core Connections Hayley spends time training independent business owners in Glasgow and Edinburgh, regularly delivering training for small companies, charities and organisations. She teaches yoga in health centres across Glasgow and loves teaching her regular classes at David Lloyds West End. Hayley also works with local sports teams teaching skills and techniques to help reduce the chance of injury and improve performance

Delivering well being workshops to staff at companies and charities in Glasgow as part of their staff well being initiatives to help staff manage their daily stress.

Outside Core Connections, Hayley treasures spending time with family, friends and her fluffy white dog Snowball. With a love for being outdoors from walking in the local park, hiking in the highlands, lying in the sun on a beautiful beach. She loves adventure and her burning desire is to do another skydive!

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s was the best thing that ever happened to me. The challenges made me dig deep, to stop and be still, to block out the noise, to listen and trust my own inner voice, to tap into my own amazing self healing abilities, I became fierce and unstoppable, I enjoyed time and space for reflection, I learned to let go, I found my purpose, I am a creator, I’m fuelled with passion, my light is on and I can’t wait to help others come alive from their core and help them to make their spirit soar.”




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