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Hayley’s sessions are ideal for an organisation such as ours. Through her classes Hayley gave our team practical tips on how to focus on the positive in their lives, manage stress and optimise their performance. The feedback from the team confirmed that everyone felt that there was something for them on the day. The outcomes from Hayley’s classes have been so positive it has influenced our thinking towards training and development. Martin Brown

Managing Director, Fleet Alliance


The Core Connections yoga class is a fusion of postures, breath work and relaxation. Hayley creates a space for the individual to breathe and to focus on their own progress by placing practical and soul stretching moves.  Hayley is able to cocoon her students with professional expertise while creating a harmonious environment for them to learn, be and to cultivate inner well being.

Private Yoga Tuition Glasgow

If you would like to deepen your yoga practice and receive individual guidance with private yoga tuition you can book to work one-on-one with Hayley at Salann Halotherapy

Corporate Wellbeing

Hayley works closely with companies as part of their staff wellbeing initiatives to educate staff on a variety of ways to help manage their daily stresses. Hayley covers yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to ensure there are practical tips for everyone in her classes. To book a day with Hayley or for more information on her corporate wellbeing classes get in touch.

Small Group Yoga Sessions

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I have had a number of different yoga instructors over the years, both in the UK and US, and Hayley has been the best by some margin. She is a superb teacher, very clear in her directions and attentive to everyone in the class.

She is great with mixed ability groups, making sure each move has several levels of difficulty depending on experience and flexibility. Hayley’s sense of the flow of moves means she manages to pack a great deal within an hour – more than some two hour classes I’ve had in the past.

Hayley keeps her classes interesting never doing the same sequence two weeks in a row, so you are always on your toes, often literally! She works the class hard but it’s worth it for the relaxation and for her wonderful visualisations. Hayley’s classes are deeply beneficial for my mind, body and soul. They keep me balanced, alert and well grounded throughout the week.

Michael Syrotinski

Seasonal Vinyasa Flow yoga – suitable for all levels

Our yoga classes are for people of all ages and abilities

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Heart of Scotstoun, Scotstoun

Hayley’s knowledge and passion for NLP comes through in her expansive knowledge which is delivered in such a lovely, easy way that you understand it and are able to apply the teachings to your everyday life. I would whole heartedly recommend learning and growing with Hayley



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Hayley McGhie – Core Connections yoga


Certified Master NLP Action Coach Hayley will work with you one-on-one to create your vision, set goals, implement strategies and help you overcome any obstacles on your journey to achieving your dreams.

Over the years Hayley has worked with many clients taking them from feeling stuck in life, depressed, experiencing anxiety, low confidence and self worth to where they want to be.  Hayley’s own personal experience of managing Crohn’s Disease has fuelled her passion to work with clients with long term conditions to help them improve their quality of everyday life.

Make the decision now to team up with Hayley and spring into action putting your physical, mental, and emotional health first.

Hayley is a fantastic coach and teacher, you always come away from her class feeling relaxed and happy!

Hayley helped massively with my fear of public speaking, the results were instant and have been long lasting


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Contact us to see how we can help you live a life that makes your spirit soar


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